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Secrets Worth Killing For Cover

 Now Available – Secrets Worth Killing For – 

“A terrific historical mystery” says The BookLife Prize in Fiction review! Did Thomas Jefferson murder a poor housemaid to hide his role in a treasonous conspiracy? Or to keep his relationship with Sally Hemmings from coming to light? He wasn’t the only prominent man in 1797 Philadelphia, though, who had secrets to hide.



President John Adams’s dreams of his “glorious Presidency” are at stake, to say nothing of the very survival of the United States, when he’s accused of conspiring to murder Thomas Jefferson to stay in power.  Patriots & Poisons,  the first in the Founding Fathers mystery series, lays bare the bitter, highly partisan political conflicts of the early American republic – a time when people could still ask seriously whether declaring Independence was a terrible mistake.


For younger readers, check out the Colonial Girl Stories

AmandasSecret_CoverFinal_01.inddAmanda’s Secret, the heartwarming story of a young girl’s quest to find out the secrets of her past.  

Amelia’s Dream, the sequel to Amanda’s Secret, tells the story of a young colonial girl who pursues her dreams despite her lowly status and the adverse twists and turns of her fate.  

 Set in and around colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and full of color illustrations,  these stories are perfect for young readers and for the young at heart.

All books are available in paperback and ebook format Amelia's Dream Coverfrom Amazon and in paperback from Barnes & Noble online, or ask for them at your favorite bookstore.  They’re available wholesale from Ingram Distributors or directly from  Shrewsbury Press.  


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