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These days, with people staying home as much as possible, many museums, performance groups, and others have created special free online resources that are available for a limited time  This is a collection of those I have run across that I think might be interesting. Since many of these are lists of links that others have put together, there’s some overlap.

In addition, check out what your local library and other local institutions are doing, and you can always find all sorts of other things on sites like YouTube.

I have no relationship with any of these links and I don’t endorse anything.  I just wanted to make the information readily available so you can check them out if you want to. I’ll be adding to it from time to time.  

Animals, Science, and Nature

     Animal Cams

     Marine Biology Camp for Kids

     Some Zoo Links & Science too 

     New England Aquarium 

     Natural History Museum, Smithsonian, Washiington, DC – virtual visit

     Zoos and Aquariums with virtual visits

     Another listing of Zoos, Aquariums and Theme Parks with virtual visits

     Garden Tours

     US Botanic Gardens Virtual Tour

     33 National Park Tours you can take virtually

     Another collection of interesting “virtual road trips” 

Music, Dance, and Plays

     Nightly screening from the NY Metropolitan Opera


     Berlin Philharmonic 

     Saratoga Orchestra

     A Consolidated list of links with more, including the Paris Opera and the London Mozart Festival.

History and Museums

      8 Online Museums

     12 Virtual Tours

     14 Virtual Tours

     Daughters of the American Revolution

     Colonial Williamsburg 

     Mount Vernon – Lots of Digital Resources and “Be Washington” Game

     Museum of the American Revolution

      Ancient History Lessons

      The Public Historian

      All the Museum Exhibits, Symphonies, and Operas You Can Enjoy From Home

      British Museum

     Guggenheim Museum

     J. Paul Getty Museum

     Musée d’Orsay, Paris

     From the Mid-Atlantic Museums Organization

     National Gallery of Art, London

     National Gallery, Washington, DC

     Paris Museums Generally

     Pergamon Museum, Berlin

     Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

     Uffizi Gallery in Florence


     Historical Children’s Books 

     Free Books on Audible

     JSTOR Articles – note that many articles re free to read online anyway if you set up an account but there’s special additional access right now.  

     Children’s Authors Read their Books Online 

     Project Gutenberg (always free) 

     A National Emergency Library

     45 Places to Download Free Books


     Art Games

     Art at home resources

     Color game

     Doodle for Google contest

     Drawing – learn to

     Storyline Online from the screen actors guild:

     Illustrator gives free drawing lessons to inspire kids

     MoMA, Art-Making Activities Families Can Do at Home


     YMCA Online Classes 

     20 Minute Workout from the Washington Post

      5 Home Workouts from the Wall Street Journal

Just for Fun

     Coloring Books

          From over 100 Museums

          From the Vatican

      Virtual Roller Coaster

      Games and Puzzles from the Tate Museum in London

      Jigsaw Puzzles online

Especially for Kids

     Online Art Classes for Kids

     Educational Shows on Netflix (only free if you already are a member, but worth looking at if you are) 

     100 Activities To Do At Home During School Closures

      Fables in Slow Spanish for kids

      Over 30 Virtual Field Trips with Links


     Online Cooking Classes from Milk Street 

      St. Peter’s Basilica

      US Capitol: Architect’s tour

      68 Cultural, Historical, and Scientific Collections Online from the Smithsonian

      Free Geneological Resources from Ancestry

      TED Talks

      A TED Listing by Category from Google

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