Amanda’s Secret

Twelve year old Amanda seems to have everything any girl could ask for — a nice plantation home just outside of Williamsburg, loving parents, even a brand-new grown-up ball gown for the upcoming Twelfth Night ball. It’s like a dream – and like a dream, she will all too soon awaken. Little does she know, the ball will be the last night of life as she’s known it, thanks to a mean-spirited servant who reveals a long-buried secret about her past.

Set in 1770’s Colonial Williamsburg, Amanda’s Secret: A Colonial Girl’s Story is a heartwarming story appealing to readers of all ages but especially suitable for young girls ages 8 – 12.

127 pages with 28 color illustrations. Read it in paperback or on your Kindle – now available from Amazon or ask for it at your favorite bookstore. For wholesale orders and other inquiries, contact: 

Click here for a sample chapter- Amanda’sSecretSample !

Educational Resources:

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